About me


Hello, and welcome to my website! My name's Lewy, I'm a Irish front end JavaScript expert and recovering circus performer, specializing in WebGL with three.js.

I'm currently living the digital nomad dream in various beautiful places around South East Asia, climbing volcanoes, diving, eating spicy food and even doing a little programming from time to time.

Have a look around the site for examples of my recent blog posts, experiments, and my series of tutorials on getting up and running with three.js.

You can also find me on Upwork, Github, Deviantart, or lurking on the three.js forum where I'm an admin.

I'm a collaborator on the three.js opensource project which recently, probably the top library for displaying 3D in the browser, which recently gained some extra claim to fame since Facebook now use it for displaying 3D posts in the news feed.

I've also recently discovered the joys of Twitter. Let's see how that goes.